Sunday, 26 August 2007

Park aftermaths 1, 2, 3

They even came on their bikes to have Tea in the Park.

Tea in the Park customers enjoy their cake.

Dave and Simon the day after.

Aftermath 1. Yesterday was my last 'Tea in the Park' and it was, by my expectations, a great success. It was also the only day it didn't rain! I took £45, which when added to the £34 I have already raised means I have £79 to donate to The Lenton Centre towards the re-opening of Lenton Swimming Pool. I want to thank three wonderful women for their help and support.:
Susan for making some fantastic cakes, especially her to 'die for' carrot cake which sold out very quickly and her milk chocolate cake which only escaped being totally consumed by customers because Susan insisted on the last two slices being ring-fenced so that she could have a taste as well (me too).
Judith for coming along on each occasion and helping me. She's a good friend who, like Susan, helps to keep me focussed on what I should be doing rather than going where my mind wants to take me — especially when it comes to doing something like 'Tea in the Park'.
Finally Kathy, who, in the name of the Crocus Cafe, donated a cake to each Tea in the Park event — an act of friendship I only discovered by chance, so, thank you Kathy. She decided a little while ago that her 'committee days' are past and that whilst she will happily continue to help local groups she will avoid any more committee meetings. I want her follow her example, but I'm not there yet!

Aftermath 2. My last blog before this was about the Parklife event in the park last Tuesday. I took the picture of Dave and Simon at lunchtime on the day after by which time the park was spotless and you would not have known anything had happened in the park. Together with Kevin, who works at the weekends, the first thing they do every morning is go around the park clearing all the litter and the rubbish. This is something I have blogged about before and I make no apology for singing their praises again. If only the streets and boulevards around Lenton were kept a tenth as clean and tidy. If it can be done in the park, why not elsewhere in Lenton?

Aftermath 3.
My posting on Sunday, 19 August 2007, 'A parks issue comes around again' has provoked an understandable response which is printed in full at the end of the blog in question. It would be nice if life was all sunlight and roses with no one ever disagreeing, but 'liffe' isn't like that and this blog is not just a public relations 'feel good' exercise about a park I and lots of other Lenton residents love and care about (The title of my blog is 'ParkViews'). As well as being a gentle soul I can also be an opinionated old fart who wants to put the world to rights in his own image. However, I am sorry when I cause an upset, but sometimes it happens and on this occasion I stand by what I said and others can confirm my recording of events. I am glad that someone wants to set the record straight and I am more than happy to publish a response. Without my blog last Sunday the impression given may have gone uncorrected.

Finally, type 'Lenton Recreation Ground' into the Google search engine and this blog appears on the first page so I am fair chuffed.

Seven more teenagers held as Merseyside Police reveal they have CCTV image of the killer of 11 year old Rhys Jones in Liverpool.

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