Sunday, 12 August 2007

Life in the slow lane

During the bowling season a lot of bowling goes on in the park. Such is the level of use that bear patches of earth are appearing on the greens. Last year, a number of bowling clubs which used to play in the nearby Radford Park de-camped to Lenton (more about Radford Park in my next blog). In addition, this year has also seen some county matches on the Lenton bowling greens (see my blog dated 24 May 2007). Every time I go to Beeston on a Trent-Barton bus I pass the Highfields Park bowling greens and they seem little used in comparison to Lenton. I must ask at the next Park Consultation Group meeting this coming Wednesday for information about bowls activity across Nottingham. I assume figures are compiled for each financial year. It would be interesting to see how Lenton compares with other parts of the city.

The bowlers in above pictures are from the Westend Bowling Club, who play games among themselves or friendlies on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. When I walk past them I am sure that I start walking slower, not just in order to catch a glimpse of how well they are playing, but because bowls does seem to be designed for life in the slow lane. I love the gizmos they use to collect (or is it 'shephard') the bowls and the little stick which is used to place 'the jack' (a small white ball which individual players or teams try to get their bowls as close to as possible in order to win their 'end' or game). I have got to know one of the players and he has invited me to join them. I have said that I will next year and I am already looking forward to it.

Metropolitan Police use terrorist laws to arrest and imprison peaceful Heathrow Airport demonstrators.

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