Monday, 27 August 2007

The dog with no name

I know the man and I know the dog. We usually stop and exchange a few words wherever we meet in and around Lenton. He has been coming to the park for ever with a little dog like this. This is the second little dog, but his character is the same as his predecessor. In the park or on the street he is always pulling his 'top dog' along, sniffing everything as he goes. Walking around the park he clings to the edge of the path or the nearest bushes. When top dog and I stop and have a chat his tail wags and he comes to have his chin tickled, then he's off, back to his sniffing duties.

I also know another little dog. It's this dog, but he's at home and I'm out making one my periodic early Sunday morning deliveries of News from the Forum (the quarterly community newspaper published by the Dunkirk and Lenton Partnership Forum) or for the Labour Party. I cover about 200 houses in my part of New Lenton and little dog lives in one of them and behaves just like his predecessor. The first few times I pushed stuff through his letterbox I thought I was going to lose some fingers and that he would wake the whole street!

Now I know what to expect, so I enjoy the moment. Almost every house in New Lenton has a front door which either opens onto the pavement or is only a few feet away at most and little dog lives in the latter. As I approach his house I see his eyes and nose, just above the window sill, tracking me as I approach. The rest of him is hidden. I suspect he has a chair placed in the bay window so that he can watch the world pass by. He reminds me of a crocodile or an alligator in a swamp, waiting to pounce on some unsuspecting creature that walks too close to the water's edge or is foolish enough to venture into the water for a drink and before you know it the croc has got its vice-like jaws wrapped around the poor creature's snout and is dragging it into the water.

I can see little dog watching and when I turn onto the short path leading to the front door and the letterbox all hell breaks loose. One day I swear little dog is going to throw himself at the front door so hard that he is going to crash through and I will be dead meat. In an instant he moves from the bay window to the front door and its 'Yap, yap, yap', bang crash wallop, 'yap,
yap, yap', bang crash wallop, 'yap, yap, yap', bang crash wallop and so it goes on, long after I have pushed my delivery through the letterbox and moved on to my next front door. I'm sure he can be heard on the other side of Nottingham, let alone the end of the street. I'm also sure he has a loudhailer in one paw and is wearing hob-nailed boots on the other three!

I must ask top dog if he and his wife actually have something they can still read at the end of it all. Top dog says 'He's a wonderful guard dog day or night'. So he is not only my dog with no name, he is also the dog who never sleeps!

Every time I see little dog in the park I think of the other little dog I know.

John Prescott announces that he is stand down at the next general election.

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Rosie said...

Oh Robert, what a wonderful story - I can just see you very gingerly placing the leaflet through the letterbox and dashing off to the next house - the whole street by now alerted to the fact that someone is around and about and delivering to their doors. There is just such a little dog on the way up to our nearest post box. I'm sure he hides and waits for unsuspecting passers by and them rushes full tilt at the garden gate jumping up and down as if on springs and then barks the whole way along the hedge until you've passed by. I know he is there but he still makes me jump every time:)