Friday, 1 June 2007

The women in white take over for a day

Nottinghamshire v County Durham, Lenton Recreation Ground, 24 May

What a day! Seventy-two female bowls players and their supporters descended on the park from midday onwards to play a county bowls match. The park pavilion which can accommodate three dozen managed, somehow, to cope with a lot more and everyone seemed happy. In fact this has been subsequently confirmed by the news that they want to play some more inter-county matches in our park. This is a tremendous compliment to Dave and Simon, who worked hard to ensure the greens were in top-notch condition for the day.

Nottinghamshire thumped County Durham by something like 350 to 125. On the day I had no idea who was winning as 72 women in white all looked the same to me. If only one side had worn different coloured tops then it may have been possible to tell who was who. There were two male umpires, both dressed in white trousers and blue blazers. I did wonder on the day why the umpires were men, but I didn't ask. Perhaps the men's matches are umpired by women. I would like to think so.

As I hope the above photographs indicate it was quite a day and it's wonderful to think that our little inner-city recreation ground was such a hit with the bowlers that they want to come again. Just down the road, less than a mile away, there are three bowling greens in Highfields Park, with its views over the lake and across to the impressive Portland Building on the Nottingham University campus, yet it's us they like so much that they want to return. Dave and Simon have every right to feel fair chuffed. I know I do and I'm just a park user.

In the next day or so I'm going to post another blog about the Park's consultative committee which last met on 16 May, so I'm playing catch up as other priorities have prevented me from doing blogs for the two weeks or so.

Beckham plays for England again like he's never been away.

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