Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Tea in the Park II

In the couple of days leading up to my second 'Tea in the Park' I thought it was going to be another wet and cold afternoon, but in midst of all the rain we had a few hours when the sun shined. It was dry enough to bring me a few customers, about thirty in all between 3 and 5pm. The important thing is that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Some I knew and were old friends turning out to show their support, whilst others were 'passing trade' so to speak who saw my posters and braved the weather. Although it was dry and the sun broke through, the threat of a cloudburst never went away.

As my pictures show there were young and old. The young man and the two young ladies came from nearby Wollaton and had wandered into the park for the want of anything better to do on a Sunday afternoon. They were a delight to speak with and I suspect they found me amusing. My grand-daughter, Laura, has said to me on more than one occasion 'You're weird grand-dad' and I take it as a compliment. The young people reminded me of the times when I first knew Susan and her friend Ros and we would all go out together and I felt like a king for I had not one beautiful woman for company but two! Not that these young people with all their lives before them knew about my thoughts at the time (if they read this blog they will!).

The lady in her sun-hat said she enjoyed her cake and chatted for a while. There were others who she knew and some she had not seen for a while. Watching my 'customers' and catching snippets of their conversations, the talk was of leisurely things and 'Don't do thats' to the children, who seemed to delight in de-constructing their cake and eating it crumb by crumb. Some were putting the world, or should I say Lenton, to rights, but no one was putting much effort into it. If the world was going to be saved, it wouldn't be until Monday or the day after.

I wasn't rushed off my feet by customers and had there been a sudden rush I had my friend Judith to help me. Susan stayed at home and did the washing up after lunch. Lunch with Susan and Judith, when we talked of cats, IKEA and films we wanted to see, was the perfect start to the afternoon. I could not have done it without Judith's help. It takes two to get the cakes, the tea-urn and other supplies from our house to the park pavilion, albeit only 200 yards or so. At the end, we cleaned the pavilion and went home. I had taken £35 of which £17.50 will be gong to The Lenton Centre to help re-open the swmming pool and £17.50 will go to my Lenton Flats Down To Earth Project to help cover costs.My next 'Tea in the Park' date is Sunday 15 July 2007 from 3–5pm and, yes, I'm looking forward to it. If it does as well I will be pleased and I am already thinking about making monthly bookings in for 2008.

A footnote. The Crocus Cafe made me a carrot cake and Susan made a chocolate cake and I made two Everythingless cakes with dates, apricots, cherries and sultanas, but no fat, sugar or eggs. The two men in the top picture are good friends and our next door neighbours who came along to show support. Richard lent me a pram which I used to take the cakes and supplies to the pavilion in. Judith used my shopping trolley to carry the tea-urn and other bits and pieces. She also ran back and forth getting the things I forgot!

Finally a PS for my daughter Alicia. Thank you for the Father's day card and the telephone call. I always enjoy our chats. I love you very much. xxx.

Killings and bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan dominate the news, with talk of NATO troops being in Afghanistan for 'thirty years'.


Anonymous said...

Dad, that was very nice of you to mention me at the end, a tear came to my eye, love u loads too Alicia xx

Laura said...

grandad yes you are weird, and yes it is a compliment :P love ya lots, love Laura xxxx

Rosie said...

there you are - I did say the sun would shine on your next 'tea and cakes' day - glad it went well :)