Friday, 22 June 2007

A special week in more ways than one

Do you know that this week is 'Love Parks Week'? I only found out because there is a banner stretched across the railings by the Derby Road entrance to Lenton Recreation Ground with a web address. I posted a link from my blog about two weeks ago and then posted my 'Tea in the Park' days to their online events diary. It's another of those national campaigns funded with lots of Lottery cash which goes on endlessly about 'partnering' and 'user participation' and exudes a false bonhomie which leave me cold, but having said that you can't afford to ignore the site.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I am a 'bottom up' person who believes ordinary people and local communities can tackle their problems better than anyone else providing they have the resources and opportunities to do so. The 'top down merchants' on the other hand cream off the gravy for themselves in the belief that they have some kind of god given right to direct the lives of others to their own advantage and should some benefit fall upon those they seek to control then they are well pleased with themselves.

So it is with Green Space, the organisation behind 'Love Parks Week', who talk about their '4,000 community network members' but provide no list of who and where they are. I did contact them about including park blogs like my own, but all I got was a standardised reply which did not address my suggestion. If you are coming new to my blog and you see this, then you may well be thinking 'who is this grumpy sod?' and I can understand why! Enough is enough, except to say when bodies such as Green Space start letting their members meet and voting then they will have my attention. Until then, blah, blah.

Far more important is that this is the week when we should know if Lenton Recreation Ground has retained its Green Flag status. This paragraph will be amended once I know.

Now for my three photographs. All are of things which are thin on the ground. I love seeing daisies in among the grass, but the main playing field is so well used that the daisies have little chance of becoming a sea of white with the grass providing a vibrant backdrop of sorts. This small patch can be found between the path and the wall of the Sikh temple. The fungii was poking through the bark which separates the path from the railings in front of Devonshire Promenade and the final plant was on its own close to the proposed site of the Nottingham Peace Garden. All of them beautiful and worthy of attention. I enjoyed gazing at them as one would the stars given the opportunity (in Lenton the level of light pollution is so high that you can see very few stars even on the clearest of nights). What I hope these photographs convey is a reminder that all life in the park is precious and is there to be enjoyed and wondered at.

150,000 people turn up for the Glastonbury music festival despite the weather.

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