Thursday, 7 June 2007

A big day for the park

It's 12pm and I have just finished giving my park slideshow a tidy up with the help of Susan. It doesn't matter how many times you look at something someone can still find the misspelt word or the grammatical error. I would rather it be Susan than anyone else. So, why all this attention today? Well in 90 minutes my slideshow will get its first 'public' showing before some other park users and, most important of all, the Green Flag Award judges who are coming to inspect the park. If they like what they see and hear, then we will get our third consecutive Green Flag Award.

The pictures above are among some of the most recent I have taken. I am really pleased with the view up through the branches of the Plane tree and I like watching the only large tree which presently stands in the open space as it changes through the seasons. The photograph of the park having one its neverending 'tidy ups' is a timely reminder of what helps make the park popular with users.

People frequently comment on how good the park looks and how friendly the workers are. This is a great tribute to Dave and his colleagues. I am sure that if Dave was a grumpy person then this would be reflected in all the staff. Dave is the key to the park's success in recent years, together with Stef, the Parks Development Officer, who now works in Mansfield.

The other major partner has been the Dunkirk & Lenton Partnership Forum under the leadership of local resident Lesley Fyffe who raised the park's profile when things got really bad a few years ago and it finally dawned on our two local city councillors, Zahoor Mir and David Trimble that they had to get tough with the Parks Department. The changes since those days have been remarkable, as today's inspection demonstrates. It really does pay to get awkward at times!

So, it's now 12.40pm and I have got to get my things together and be at the park pavilion for 1pm. I'll let you know whether we keep the green flag as soon as I know.

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