Monday, 14 May 2007

Tea in the park and, of course, rain

Children doing the Kids' Quiz find a clue in the rain.

Tea in the park on a wet Sunday afternoon

Yesterday (Sunday) I organised my first tea in the park and it seemed to go well. The pavilion was full of local folk who braved the downpour which lasted all day. At least nine children and their dads got soaked doing a 'Kid's Quiz' I had devised for the day. Those who stayed in the pavilion were able to enjoy homemade cake and tea and chatter away.

The good thing is that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the two hours passed by quickly. The next three dates are: Sunday 17 June; Sunday 15 July and Saturday 25 August (Bank Holiday weekend), all from 3–5pm. For £1 you will receive a cup of tea or coffee with a generous slice of homemade cake, with 50p going to The Lenton Centre and 50p to the Lenton Flats Down To Earth Project.

No wonder the weather is a lifetime topic of conversation. It really is so unpredictable, yet we all know that bad weather unfailingly coincides with community events and so it was for my first tea in the park.

On a more personal note, I went to the 10th anniversary dinner of the Dunkirk and Lenton Partnership Forum at Nottingham University on Friday evening and very much enjoyed myself. Being there would have been reward enough, but I was surprised and touched to be among ten people singled out for their contribution to the local community during the past ten years. All the other awardees were people I have known for many years and some I have worked quite closely with in several different groups. I am just glad that I did not have to decide who the 'ten' were, as there were a number of other people at the dinner who could so easily have been going up to receive an award instead of me. I was particularly proud of the fact that three of us are also active members of the Dunkirk & Lenton Branch Labour Party.

It's Gordon Brown, Gordon Brown and, yes, Gordon Brown all day and every day in the media as they prepare for his crowning as the next Labour leader.

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Rosie said...

We had a lovely time chatting to people - those we'd never met, those we had and those we hadn't seen for a long, long time. It was great to see so many people popping in even though the rain was very heavy at times but somehow the park managed to look splendid in the rain. I'm sure that your next three dates will be just as successful and that the sun will shine on you.

Congratulations on your award it was very well deserved as you and your fellow recipients work very hard for your local community - and what a nice community it is.