Sunday, 6 May 2007

A place of work as well as play

Lunch time and well deserved...

...after a morning's work...
...which includes mowing the two bowling greens fives times a fortnight.

It is all too easy to forget that Lenton Recreation Ground is also a place of work. For much of the year the only groundsperson is Dave, but from April until October he has been joined by Simon during the week and at weekends the park is cared for by Kevin. Lenton's street cleaner is also based in the park and the small staffroom in the park pavilion also provides a welcome watering hole for other city council staff who help to keep Lenton clean and tidy.

In earlier postings to this blog I have pointed out the problems caused by the size of the litter bins, but Dave and his colleagues have come up with their own solution to the problem by placing wheelie bins around the park, so no park user is more than a few yards from a bin. The fact that 95% of visitors use the bins is good, but a campaign needs to be mounted to educate the other 5% who leave behind a few bottles here and there, but mostly cigarette ends. Yesterday I took a picture of a nice circle of filter ends from cigarettes discarded by one of the many groups which form in the park during the day.

Dave and his colleagues have to go over the park 100% no matter how little rubbish is left behind. The less there is to pick up, the more time there is for the other tasks they have to do to keep the park looking so clean and tidy. Their contribution to making Lenton Recreation Ground such a great place deserves to be acknowledged and I would like to close this posting by thanking Dave, Simon and Kevin, as well some other park heroes who want to be nameless, for all their hard work on our behalf.

The Labour Party not only wins the Nottingham City Council elections but increases its majority by taking seats from the Liberals and the Tories.

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