Sunday, 29 April 2007

Little garden by the park and rounders

Rounders in the park

Church House gardeners

Every one who comes into Lenton Recreation Ground via the Church Street gate should notice 'Church House'. It's a seemingly small mid-Victorian detached house with a slightly crafts/gothic appearance. The small garden between the house and the park has been a jungle of sorts for some years, but not unattractive for that. Last week the young men who live there started to tidy the garden up and by the end of the week they were laying turf. On Friday I asked them if I could take a photograph of them at work, but they decided to give me a group photograph instead. I left them a leaflet, so I hope one of them at least visits this blog and sees my pic. I also hope that whoever follows them into Church House next year or the year after will want to look after the newly created little garden by the park.

The park is now busy most evenings if it isn't raining and the weekend rush actually begins on Friday afternoons. Perhaps there are fewer lectures on a Friday afternoon? The students begin to drift into the park and slowly, but surely, the groups playing games or just sitting find themselves with less and less space. At teatime on Friday a group of six young women had enough of the park to spread themselves out and play a lively game of what I call 'rounders'. Their laughter and squeals of delight seemed just perfect for a balmy Friday afternoon in the park. Elsewhere there were some boys playing footie, three others with a frisbie and on the basketball court both hoops were being used by dunkers. There were also a few mothers and their children in the play area. To many all this activity would lead them to conclude that Lenton Recreation was busy. Those of us who know the park better would describe this as 'a quiet Friday afternoon'.

Hugh Grant arrested for hitting a photographer with a tub of baked beans.


laura said...

baked bean cans rule grandad, u can do anything with them :P love laura xx

Anonymous said...

It's great this blogspot! Keep up the good work. I think you need to do an entry for the park's H.Q. a.k.a' the mess room'!!

I project managed the park's refurbishment between 2005-7 and really enjoyed seeing the place transform from a well loved - but run down, tired park, to one that is now in better shape to meet the demands and expectations of the community. I've worked on a number of projects across the City - and even though I've now left the Council, have an affection for the 'Rec'. I ordered these trees earlier this year, so it's glad that I there's this blog to let me keep my eye on Dave! It's good to see the trees go in, as both Dave and myself were concerned with the amount of trees that were removed earlier this year following the periodic tree inspection.

I think that one of the biggest assets of the park is the staff - they are the people who day in day out take a great deal of pride in looking after the park, create a visible and reassuring uniformed presence and work hard to keep the park safe and enjoyable for everyone. One of the biggest challenges we had was the park's biggest downfall - and that is it's size. It's so popular that we could really have done with twice the space. I think it is the only park in the City that would merit a third green, a fourth club has joined the park and I'm sure that if there was the capacity, more would want to move to the park.

I occassionally drive past the park and will no doubt drop in over the summer, but I have seen that the three 'Ulmus New Horizon' (elms) that were planted last year (this variety is so popular, we had to wait a year for delivery!)are doing really well. They're getting plenty of water - from either the heavens or Dave - to help get them well established. It's crucial that new trees are well cared for in the first two years.

A comment for Robert - don't forget to add the link to the Green Flag awards web page!