Sunday, 22 April 2007

Fragrant times

It's cherry blossom time...

...and you can smell the hyacinths...

...but it's the end of the Picnic Area dafs

The past week has been wonderful in the park, especially when there has been a slight breeze. I first noticed the scent of the hyacinths as I walking along Derby Road to catch a bus. As the breeze blew from park my nose was suddenly hit by a wonderful scent and I stopped. It was then I noticed an area of hyacinths which I had not noticed before. The experience cheered me up no end. There I was beside one the busiest roads in Nottingham and I couldn't hear the traffic or even smell the vehicle fumes — it was the flowers I could smell.

The park's 'Cherry Blossom Avenue' (as I like to call it at this time of the year) is on the east side, running parallel to the houses on Devonshire Promenade where I live and it is really looking lovely at the moment. It only takes the lightest breeze to catch the scent of the blossom, especially at the beginning of the day. This may be something to do with the moisture which is in the air first thing in the morning. The fragrances do not seem as strong later in the day. I just wish I could capture these fragrant times in the park and put them in this blog.

On a sadder note, the dafs in the park's picnic area have come to an end seven weeks after I saw the first dafs on 1 March and posted a picture to accompany my little story about their arrival. Watching the dafs patch grow by the day as the picnic area was gradually transformed has been one of this year's little pleasures to date, so I feel the need to mark their passing. In fact, across the park beside Cherry Blossom Avenue a very late circle of dafs has come in all of a rush. Dave says this is because they weren't planted until last December. I have included a picture in my slideshow but there is a limit as to what I can include in my blog.

The daily killing of tens of Baghdad civilians is overshadowed by the killing of 31 people on the Virginia Tech University campus in America.

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