Sunday, 15 April 2007

A busy little park waiting for the rush

Kevin preparing for another busy weekend

The early morning dog walkers

The good weather throughout Easter week has ensured that the park has had a busy week, with plenty of visitors. By any standard Lenton Recreation Ground has been busy and many a park would be pleased to see half the visitors, but this is with most of the students away for the Easter break, so when they return the park will get even busier.

Yesterday I was out and about early enough to catch Kevin, who works in the park at the weekends, clearing up the rubbish from the day before and emptying the inadequate litter bins dotted around the park. Like so much of the work done by the workers who look after our streets and open spaces, it goes unnoticed and, as a consequence, unacknowledged, yet without them things would be a lot worse. It is easy to forget that they clear up after us. Of course it doesn't help that the litter bins are often too small or full because they are not emptied frequently enough. Our role as good citizens (I refuse to recognise that I am only a 'subject') is to complain and, where necessary, to offer constructive alternative solutions. With the city elections coming up in a few weeks time, we can vote for councillors who share our views about the care of parks and dealing with litter. It's too late this time to stand for election as a councillor, but you could stand next time if none of the political parties or councillors do what they promise.

I am rarely up early enough to catch a small group of local women who have been walking their dogs in the park forever. Even when their dogs pass on they continue to come along for the early morning stroll around the park, but yesterday I saw them and had a long chat. Six or seven times a years I leave the house at about 7 o'clock to deliver copies of News From The Forum, which is published quarterly by the Dunkirk and Lenton Partnership Forum, or Labour Party newsletters. I always do this on a Saturday or a Sunday because it's quieter first thing in the morning and there is a better chance that whoever picks the paper up after I have posted it through the letterbox will actually look at it.

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