Tuesday, 10 April 2007

A busy Easter

Playing cards in the park

Easter Monday saw the first game of bowls this year

The weather was wonderful over the Easter weekend holiday and brought lots of people into the park from about mid-day onwards until the park was closed at 7pm. The basketball area was occupied non-stop and has been a great addition to the park and worth every penny. The children's play area is now so popular that it almost certainly needs to be enlarged to fully accommodate the demand. It's also worth remembering that the basketball area has replaced the play area which was previously used by older children.

The large number of visitors also meant that the rubbish bins couldn't cope with all the rubbish and bags and cans got left by overflowing bins or even stuffed into the doggy bins. Hopefully the new trough-like bins Dave is expecting will arrive soon and the problem will go away.

Perhaps the most enjoyable moments of the weekend were when I came across a group of adults and children playing cards and seeing the bowling green in use for the first time this year. From now on, the pensioners will be down for their regular sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. There are now four bowls clubs based in Lenton Recreation Grounds, so I must check and see when they start playing matches. Dave has told me that there will be some county matches played here during the summer.

I love it when the park is full of activity, with fathers and sons playing cricket, groups sitting on the grass and talking, whilst other read or just soaked up the warmth of the sun. At one point nearly every park bench was occupied. Despite the fact that we have so many other large parks nearby and with more attractions than our small Lenton park, it is really pleasing to see our park so busy — and this when most of the students have gone home for their Easter break — from now on, as the days get warmer and longer, the park will get busier. There are simply too many of things to photograph, so I take far more pictures than I can use on the day-to-day slideshow or this blog. Before long I will have do so some serious editing.

The Minster of Defence allows Royal Navy sailors and marines, who returned after being held captive in Iran, to sell their stories to the media, then changes his mind after criticism from opposition politicians and others.

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