Sunday, 25 March 2007

Preparing for better days

It's been another quiet week in the park with very people about, mainly because it has been quite cold, even though the sky has been blue much of the time. It's the wind that does it. Although even Lenton Recreation Ground has its 'rush hours', with a steady stream of users walking across the park from Church Street to Derby Road in the morning and back the other way in the late-afternoon. Most are making their way to one of the bus stops on Derby Road to catch a bus into the city centre or out to Beeston and beyond. Most of them also walk diagonally across the grass, which is why some of us like the idea of a tree-lined path cutting diagonally across the park. It's clearly the route users prefer to following the existing paths around the edge of the park.

However, is so often is the case with me, I digress from the real topic of this blog entry which is to say that the grass has just had it's first 'haircut' of the year in readiness for the spring rush. At 1am this morning the clocks went forward an hour, which means it will be lighter in the park for an extra hour from today onwards until then end of October this year, when the clocks will go back again. Dave, the groundsman, has been busy on the bowling greens and the brick shed beside the bowling green is full of plants to be planted out over the next few weeks. In fact the ones in the photograph are actually going to a nearby park and are just being stored here until the cold snap has passed. From 1 April there will extra help for Dave as the park begins to need more attention than just one person can provide and this is yet another sign of better days to come.

I've also been preparing for better days, prompted by my friend Rosie, who asked if I was going to do anything about having 'tea in the park'. Rosie, I've booked the Pavilion for four weekend afternoons from May until August so that users can come and walk around the park, perhaps play bowls, then have a cup of tea and a slice of cake for £1, with 50p going to The Lenton Centre and 50p going to my Lenton Flats Down to Earth Project. I will be making some of the cakes, but hope to persuade some of my friends (like Rosie) to bring along a cake as well.

I'll be publicising the 'Tea in the Park' afternoons with posters in the park and other local community meeting points in the hope that the afternoons will be well supported. If they are successful, I will then think about organising 'Sunday brunch' once a month during the winter with papers and bacon rolls and coffee etc. So watch this blog if you want to be the first to learn about what will be happening in the park during the coming months.

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Rosie said...

Oh, Sunday in the Park with Robert :)
Now, cakes - date & walnut? madeira? apple cake? Mmm. Date on calendar,
baking tins at the ready, see you there :)