Monday, 19 March 2007

The photographer snapped

I haven't taken a close look at the big patch of Daffodils in the picnic area of the park today, but the number of bright yellow flower heads has been increasing by the day and I have been taking a photograph every day in the hope that I will be able to string a sequence of pictures together in my slideshow showing the march of the dafs. Yesterday (Sunday) was bitterly cold with a fierce wind blowing across the park. Whilst out delivering yesterday morning, I had to shelter from a mini-blizzard which lasted all of five minutes, then went as quickly as it came and last night was also cold and this morning there was snow on the cars parked along the Promenade. I will see in a little while what this cold snap has done to the Daffodil patch. I just hope they have survived and are not already wilting.

I was the subject of another kind of snap when Susan took a picture of me taking a photograph by the Bowling Green. I also discovered the other day that I am the height of fashion. Last year, when I took early retirement, I treated myself to a lovely Fedora hat from Smalley's 'the gentleman's outfitter', which is at the city end of the Derby Road, because I had always wanted one since I started wearing a winter hat in 1999. On windy or rainy days I still wear my bargee's cap because the Fedora is pure felt and shouldn't get really wet. It's a wonderful hat and fits so perfectly that I actually forget to take it off, but people are far too polite and never tell me. Now, I understand, Fedora hats are in fashion, so for once in my life I was ahead of the game. For many years now I have worn a Panama hat in the summer and, occasionally, I get stopped in the street and asked were I bought it, so I tell them about how wonderful Smalley's is for hats. So, yes, that's me in the pic — the park blogger. I must find out if there are other park bloggers in Nottingham or not too far away.

Final British bottle of HP Sauce is made in Birmingham as 125 workers lose their jobs and American owned Heinz move production to Holland.

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Rosie said...

It's such a shame that the 'Save Our Sauce' campaign didn't work. I feel for the 120 workers who have lost their jobs. I expect the factory in Aston will be demolished to make way for more trendy flats and houses - I'll watch the local news with interest.

Your Fedora is great - or should I say 'cool' - it really suits you. If you find like minded bloggers in Nottingham you will have to organise a bloggers picnic in the summer in the park.