Sunday, 11 March 2007

The best day yet

Yesterday was Saturday and I like Saturdays. We tend to stay in bed all morning reading the weekend Guardian and catching up on the crosswords we haven't managed to do during the week, so by the time I was ready to go out and do some delivering for my local Labour Party it was just after two o'clock.

The sky was clear and blue with a few clouds scudding along high up and Lenton Recreation Ground looked a picture as I stepped out of my house and headed for the park gates at the start of my perambulation around Lenton. On the way I visited two different friends and stopped and had a cup of tea with one, whom I hadn't seen for an age, before finishing my delivering on Gregory Street and deciding to walk up to the Derby Road, which is where I took this pic. I wasn't actually in the park.

As I walked beside the park I realised that there was more going on than there had been for a long time. Ten young teenagers were playing a game of basket ball in the dunking area and there were two pairs of joggers doing circuits and a couple of dogs chasing sticks. The playground was busy with every piece of equipment in use and there, in front of me, was a couple of young women with some children playing a game of footie. They had used two sticks to make a goal and the kids were taking it in turn to kick the ball. This was Lenton Recreation Ground earning its keep and providing a quiet oasis only feet away from one of Nottingham's busiest main roads, even on a Saturday afternoon. I didn't notice the almost constant dim caused by the cars and buses as their engines worked just a little harder to climb the slight incline to the top of the Derby Road railway bridge, somehow the very sight of the park softens the sound of the traffic.

I wasn't even in the park, but it really was the best day yet!

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