Thursday, 8 March 2007

Rubbish and the park

I was talking to Dave, our groundsperson cum park keeper, a couple of days ago about a pet subject of mine — the park's rubbish bins. They are and always have been pretty useless. They can take a drinks can or a bottle, but the can't take a pizza or a fish n' chip box. In fact, when it comes to litter bins in Lenton and other parts of Nottingham, the city council has failed miserably despite being told by residents on numerous occasions that the area needs bigger, trough like, litter bins able to take fast food boxes and that they should be located away from takeaways — not outside them. People buy their food then walk along the road eating it and when they finish that's when they need somewhere to put the box and drinks can, but what few bins there are have openings too small to take even a crumpled fast food box.

Just look at the above pic again and you can see that it does not do the job it was designed to do and whoever bought the bins and had them placed in the park should have had the commonsense to realise this.

But there is good news. It seems that the litter bins in the park are becoming a health and safety risk because the hinges and locking mechanism are rusting already, so they are to be replaced and Dave hopes he can get trough type litter bins this time. Let's hope so.

Finally, before I stop talking rubbish, I would like to point out that Lenton Recreation Ground is a very clean park for a couple of reasons. One is that people do use the bins and the other is that first thing every morning Dave goes around the park collecting what litter has been dropped, so it doesn't stay clean and tidy by magic! Thanks Dave for doing such a good job.

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