Thursday, 1 March 2007

View from the Lenton Flats
I took this pic whilst visiting someone who lives on the 14th floor of one the Lenton high-rise flats. It shows the park on an overcast and drizzly day. The row of flats at the top of the park are actually cut off from the park by a railway line, which runs to Mansfield, Worksop and Sheffield and is known as the 'Robin Hood Line'. The road seen running from the top middle across to the right is the Derby Road.

The flats are part of the 'Lenton Manor' housing estate built in the late-1980s. The name was chosen by the developer and allowed by the city council, even though there is no evidence that a historic Lenton Manor existed — a bit like Robin Hood, but why let the evidence get in the way of a good story we all want to believe, so I tell you this not to complain, but to let you know what you enjoy is fiction.

Giant squid caught by New Zealand fishermen the largest ever seen.

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