Sunday, 25 February 2007

Early blossom
It's a grey, damp (but mild) Saturday and the park is empty, but on this tree blossom has appeared, even though there are no signs of any leaves. It looks fragile and lonely, yet to have blossom this early in the year this must be a tough tree.

Virgin Glasgow express train derailed at speed, only one person killed.

Romanian children
They told me they had just come from Bucharest. The eldest child also had a camera and said she liked taking pictures. I hope they find happiness and friendship in Lenton. They are as much our future as my own grandchildren and deserve the best we can give them.

Government announces plan to help lone mums back to work sooner.

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Student doing project work
Students attending one of the city's two universities (Nottinghan and Nottingham Trent) make up over half the population of Lenton and they use the park for both recreation and study. This young women is doing project work for her bio science degree and something on this fig tree has caught her interest, even though it's mid-February.

Downing Street denies cover up in 'cash for honours' investigation.

The remains of a fallen tree
When we moved to Lenton in 1980, there was a huge log where this 'bush' is. The kids loved it. All the bark had long gone and parts of it were hollow. About ten years ago, it was removed because it was considered dangerous and how we all missed that log, but something must have been left behind and this large bush has grown in its place. The 1901 Ordnance Survey map of the area marks a lone tree on this spot. Since writing this, my wife, Susan, has reminded me that the log was removed after wasps built a nest inside it.

Letter bomb blast at Vehicle Licensing Office injures woman member of staff.

Early morning

It's about 9am and the remains of a heavy frost are still visible. Everything is still. The park appears empty, the birds are quiet and not a sound is coming from the traffic along Derby Road.

'Student takeover is wrecking our neighbourhood' Lenton residents tell The Daily Telegraph.

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

A Sunday School class in the park

This pic has been taken from the front of my house. It is mid-day and the park is deserted apart from a group of young people and a couple of grown-ups in the bandstand (which is a covered seating area designed to look like one). I suspect they are a Sunday school class from Lenton Parish Church, which is opposite the south entrance to the park.

Secret film of US air attack on British soldiers in Iraq shown on TV.

How this blog came about

A view of Lenton Recreation Ground from the front of my home in June 2006. The park opened in 1888 after the Parish of Lenton became part of Nottingham. Today, Lenton is an inner-city area one mile from the city centre and at the time of the 2001 Census, 56% of the local population of 7,000 people were students 'in full-time education'

Three women made this blog happen. A few weeks ago our friend J said she would like to go and see a photographic exhibition in the Yard Gallery, Wollaton Hall, near our home in Lenton, so we went. It turned out to be a collection of landscape photographs taken by photographers living in countries bordering the Baltic Sea. One photographer had taken a picture every day for a year and given each picture a caption which related to a news story from the national media. I liked the juxtaposition.

The next day (4 February 2007), I went into the park outside my front door and took my first photograph.
The only idea in my head was to try and take a park view each day for a year. Susan, my wife, asked me what I was going to do with the photographs and I said, without really thinking (something I do all the time), I'll put a slideshow together for the next community fesitival.

Later the same day, our close friend Rosie telephoned to see how we were and if we were doing anything special on our 30th wedding anniversary the next day and we got to talking about Rosie's writing. It was then she told me about her Blog site and said 'Why don't you do one?' At the time I thought 'No way. Where will I find the time?'

Over a week on and I have managed to take a picture in the park each day and I thought if I am going to do a slideshow, I will have to do something every day or so or it will get too much to do and it won't happen. Nor would I remember what caught my attention in the news on the day in question. Then Susan asked me if I was going to put the pictures on the web and I said no. On reflection, I decided to get my pictures of Lenton Recreation Ground on the web via a blog, especially after Rosie reassured me that it was 'quite easy' to do. We shall see. Well, there you have it, you can see how one thing led to another, so watch this blog for further developments!